April 8, 2009

Somali Pirates Seize U.S. ship

Per BBC, Somali pirates have hijacked a ship flying the American flag, officials report the attack occurred last night with at least 20 US crew members now being held hostage.

The pirates have seized six vessels in the last week, including a British and Taiwanese ship.

The White House stated that they would be closely monitoring the situation and assessing a plan of action.

African and American Twitter users react to this bold act of piracy:

  1. Rob Crilly
    robcrilly (Nairobi, Africa) sounds like the pirates have worked out how to beat the various flotillas of warships with new tactics
  2. Shoub Hee
    shoubhee ..(Seychelles, Africa) Somalian Pirates are now in the Seychelles water territory,,hijacking a fishing boats.
  3. Arun Rajagopal
    arun4 (Muscat, Oman) This is called 'inviting trouble into your own waters'. Somali pirates hijack ship with 20 Americans aboard. http://bit.ly/zhc1i
  4. josh banner
    bannernews (New York, US) somalia pirates hijack yet another ship, u.s. flagged. amazing how the greatest minds in the world cant solve this
  5. David R Pierce
    dillon69 (Plymouth, MA) NOW, maybe the Obama admin will something abt the Somalia pirates. 21 Am.s captured, incd a MMA grad. Abt time to stop them. No prisoners.
  6. Kevin Sigman
    LVBoilermaker (Las Vegas, US) How dumb are somalia pirates. "Um, didn't realize you soldiers were on board....we were just kidding...um...have a nice day"

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