April 8, 2009

Moldovans protest government, come together through Twitter

Per the New York Times, more than 10,000 young people protested Moldova's Communist government Tuesday, clashing with the police and ransacking government buildings. They used Twitter and other social media to plan the protest, the Times reported.

Protestors created the hashtag #pman to rally Moldovans and to allow others around the world to keep track of the event, according to the Times. The tag has quickly trended to more than 2,100 tweets in two days.

Using Twitter search, #pman tweets only show up from 5:30 a.m. PST Wednesday. Hashtags.org shows an error when trying to track the tag.

The Twitterverse used the service to share information on the event.

Moscovici (Moldova): No violence protests in Chisinau, Moldova now. Fewer protesters in the main square. #pman

NotIndifferent: #pman angry young protesters are trying to break through police cordons, to the left wing of the government building

EthanZ (Pittsfield, MA): NYTimes argues Twitter leads to Moldova riots. Moldovan gov't blames Romania. Romania = Twitter? #pman

Bigubax (Grafrath): #pman Romania = Twitter? Well, Twitter = Freedom for sure. So hopefully soon we can say also Moldavia = Freedom! Actually World = Twitter

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