April 2, 2009

Jenin youth orchestra director expelled

Per Haaretz, a daily newspaper in Israel, the founder of the Jenin Youth Orchestra has been expelled from the refugee camp where he was working today.

Wafa Younis, the orchestra's Israeli director, created a children's orchestra in a Jenin refugee camp. The children then played for Arabs and Holocaust survivors, an action that caused anger within the camp, according to Haaretz.

Here's what Twitterers had to say about the incident:

  1. tregan
    tregan (Loudon County, Va.) This is truly dumb. Palestinian youth orchestra from Jenin that played for Holocaust survivors now not welcome in camp: http://is.gd/pzoE
  2. jewlicious
    jewlicious (Jerusalem, Israel) @skalik #nudersh Palestinian Orchestra? Obviously not this one from Jenin: http://tinyurl.com/cm2f74 So sad...
  3. James Pyles
    jamespyles (Boise, Idaho) PA expels founder of Jenin youth orchestra over concert for survivors http://is.gd/qkuN PA punishes an actual attempt to really coexist.
  4. CC
    ladamenoire (Mich.) Kids from Jenin perform for Shoah survivors, orchestra gets shut down. Flat out ignorant. http://is.gd/qlyR

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