April 2, 2009

A day in Accra, Ghana

Accra is a busy business capital of one of West Africa’s most peaceful nations – Ghana. It’s not only busy on the sunny and mostly dusty streets but people are also busy on the internet tweeting about their daily lives. It ranges from taking of loan for business to expensive funerals and other wasteful expenses. Enjoy:

  1. Justin
    jdakorah @GrowGhana (Accra) you got that right, funny thing, you can't imagine the things we pay for, huge houses, huge funerals, huge litigations #ghana
  2. Earth Times
    EarthTimesPR (unknown) Vanco and LUKOIL Sign New Petroleum Agreement in Ghana - Drilling Unit Leaves Port for Deepwater Drilling http://tinyurl.com/dbtqwz
  3. David Mizejewski
    Dmizejewski Check out my friend David's new book on Ghana, where he lived for two years. The photography is amazing. http://poprl.com/03he
  4. KivaLendinActivitis
    kivalendactivts Greta, Colorado, US has given loan amount of 650 to Akua Gyamfuah, Mampong, Ghana.
    Reason: Procure second hand clothes to sell.
  5. GrowGhana
    GrowGhana (Accra) met a street seller, a born marketer- weaving between cars SELLING Trinkets - he's a hustler & makes $- OLDSCHOOL pure Ghana talent!
  6. Rodney Quarcoo
    RodneyQuarcoo @lloydmusic welcome to Ghana! hope you enjoy the experience, looking fwd to seeing you perform tomorrow!
  7. kent
    mensah (Accra) I love the weather in Ghana today. I'm afraid of the wet rainy season (floods) :-)

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