April 30, 2009

Great Britain Ends Military Operations in Iraq

Per BBC, the British military officially ended their combat operations in Iraq as 20 Armored Brigade took part in a flag-lowering ceremony accompanied by an American brigade on Thursday.

The ceremony was held in Basra to commemorate the fallen British soldiers.

From London, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said a new chapter in relations between the two countries had begun, as reported by BBC News.

Twitter users across the UK lament and rejoice for their soldiers' return:

  1. Michelle Tilley
    M1TZY (London, England) RT @bbcbreaking: British troops to formally end combat operations in Iraq marking the end of a 6yr military campaign <<< Finally!
  2. Nick Reeve
    nick_reeve ( London, England) Hoorah! About bloody time, some would say... RT @bbcbreaking British troops to end combat operations in Iraq http://bit.ly/pXq0H
  3. Kim Swain
    doberama (England, Midlands) yeah... Heard on the news they are bringing back our troops. Can't happen quick enough
  4. James Smith
    jw_smith (London, England) Rejoice! British troops have officially ended combat operations in Iraq. Shouldn't have been there anyway, but at least we're out.
  5. Warwick ICA Soc
    ICAWarwick (University of Warwick, UK) The end of British troops in Iraq. Hope the US can cope alone and it's not too soon.
  6. Nick Smith
    NickJSmith (Burnley, England) Watching news at 1. The transfer of control in Basra to the US, about time we brought our troops home. 179 is too many in this day an age.
  7. Iain Griffin
    iaingriffin (Eastbourne, East Sussex) So, we're finally done with Iraq. What other country can we go and exploit now? All deaths are sad; troops, civilians. Shame it was needless

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