April 30, 2009

17 killed in school shooting in Azerbaijan

Per Russia Today, at least 17 students were killed and 13 injured after a gunman began shooting at Baku Oil Academy in Baku, Azerbaijan, on Thursday morning. Some students jumped out windows to escape the incident, per RT. Syrian and Turkish citizens are reportedly among the victims.

Twitterers in the region have been exchanging information.

  1. Onnik Krikorian
    onewmphoto (Armenia) Friend in Baku informs via IM that Azerbaijan incident has ended. However, no official announcement
  2. Onnik Krikorian
    onewmphoto (Armenia) Friend in Baku says ANS reports "15 people are in morgue" after Azerbaijan State Oil Academy shooting
  3. Onnik Krikorian
    onewmphoto (Armenia) Interfax reports Azerbaijan shooting possibly result of argument between foreign students. BTW: Tasteless photo. -- http://bit.ly/U1baI
  4. Bogdan Costea
    gridpulse (Bucharest, Romania) back in Romania, glad to escape from Baku (I was on my way home when I heard about the university shooting - http://bit.ly/Ht2l9)
  5. Sasha 'newsbee' Me
    suavekhmer (Moscow, Russia) Azerbaijan's ANS TV reports 17 dead in oil school shooting, 13 wounded. Lonely gunman, 25, reportedly kills himself.

A Twitterer in Baku posted these updates on the news:

  1. Pouya neev
    ppouyaa (Baku, Azerbaijan) some students of oil university of baku, recently died..
  2. Pouya neev
    ppouyaa (Baku, Azerbaijan) all of universities are closed now...
  3. Pouya neev
    ppouyaa (Baku, Azerbaijan) those students were killed by gun...
    it's so Bad..
  4. Pouya neev
    ppouyaa (Baku, Azerbaijan) i'm so sad...

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