March 23, 2009

Volcano erupts in Alaska

Per the Anchorage Daily News, Mount Redoubt, a volcano in Alaska under intense surveillance in recent days, has erupted five times in recent hours.

The Alaska Volcano Observatory (@alaska_avo) and @OmegaMom provided the first tweets on the initial eruption.

  1. Alaska AVO
    alaska_avo An eruption of Mt. Redoubt began at approximately 22:38 AKDT, March 22, 2009 (0638 UTC). AVO is... Read more at
  2. OmegaMom
    OmegaMom Whoa! Redoubt Volcano is erupting! Code RED!

Here's some of the initial reaction from Twitterers in Alaska:

  1. (Mob) Pakorn S.
    pokemaniac @alaska_avo hey. The light went out. R there anything to do with volcano? Could tell us please?
  2. alaskajewelz
    alaskajewelz Also, the volcano erupted. My birthday will go down in books as the day the earth asplodeded.
  3. Sydney Roth
    SydneyRR Wow, another snow storm and to top it off, a volcano explodes. Just another day in Alaska!
  4. kylecressman
    kylecressman is on the ferry to Haines...dont worry I am not near the volcano

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