March 23, 2009

80 whales and dolphins stranded on Australian Coast

Per The West Australian, 80 long finned pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins were stranded early Monday on a southwest Australian beach. Close to 100 volunteers have been on hand to help the 17 survivors, all pilot whales. They will be moved by truck at daybreak on Tuesday to a nearby beach where they will be helped out to sea. 

Some Twitterers were sad to hear the news:

@LexyBrooks (Sydney, Australia): What's with all the whale strandings? RT @G_Magazine. Another 80 whales have stranded in WA.

@lyssrobinson (Sydney, Australia): I feel sorry for the 80 whales stranded on the WA coast!! Hope some of them can be rescued. :-(

@chalkface39 (Pompey, UK): RT @BBC_Earth: CBBCL Race to save stranded whales GOOD LUCK!

Others decided they wanted to see it for themselves:

@vegascats (Brisbane, Australia): going to see the stranded whales tomorrow.

@matripley (Location not listed): I was just speaking to my Sis in Oz (WA). She just came back from seeing 60 stranded whales dying on a beach. It sounded insane. 

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