March 22, 2009

UK reality TV star dies

Per Sky News, British reality TV star Jade Goody has died after a battle with cancer. Goody first gained notoriety as a contestant on channel 4's "Big Brother" show. She later went on to have an arguably very successful career as a media personality - appearing in other TV shows, starting a business (with cameras following), launching a perfume, and publishing books.

Per BBC News, Jade Goody died on Britain's Mother's Day, and her battle with cervical cancer has boosted the number of women in their 20s going for cancer screening.

Jade Goody's death is the lead story on both BBC News and Sky News on Sunday morning. There are also two Jade Goody hash tags trending at the top of Twitter search.

@Voneron (London, England) Feel very sad about Jade Goody. She was brave and she was human, and people attacked her because she made them see their own faults. RIP. x

(London, England) really sad about Jade Goody. Some people have been writing such horrible things about her. How can people be so cruel? Love to her sons x

@funkymakeupgirl (Leeds, England) Is sad to hear that Jade Goody has died. Especially on Mothers Day. Them poor boys that have been left behind :( x

@Ketch (London, England) Sad news to hear of Jade Goodys death - a dedicated mum - who until recently I had judged very wrongly.

@aaron24wood (Edinburgh, Scotland) I'm as sad for Jade as any human should be, but pleased, since it means the mewling over-blown publicity surrounding her dying is ending.

@MandyPandy32 (Kent, England) Not sure if it's desperately sad or poignantly apt that Jade Goody died on Mother's Day. R.I.P Jade x

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