March 22, 2009

A Day in Sydney

Here's how twitterers in Sydney, Australia, are spending their Sunday:

  1. Jiin Kim
    jiinnyda It's more exciting to look around twitter threads of Wbc than watching tv. Actually, there is no way watching the game in OZ #WBC
  2. VyvyanH
    VyvyanH now knows the worst smell in the world. Off lamb & roo meat. Fark.
  3. Joanne Righetti
    JoanneRighetti Been to a couple of dog pounds in sydney this weekend and its a traumatic experience - wanting to adopt every unwanted animal!
  4. Ryan Edward Collings
    badMulletBoy Re-pinging @DaLzz: Man bashed to death at Sydney airport qantas check in today. --- ummm, where was security? WTF!
  5. Karen Kindlen
    kkindlen love a late afternoon beach swim. Beautiful day, crowds gone home. Ah, long may the summer-y days last.
  6. Tall Paul
    __jaded Ingredients for an awesome Sunday - 1 part good company mixed lightly with pool and beer at bondi. Add awesome weather to taste...
  7. Jo Balfour
    jobonekenobi watching Russian Dolls, didn't realise it was set in Sydney, and filmed a lot in Bondi!

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