March 17, 2009

Russia to boost military in 2011

Per RIA Novosti, President Dmitry Medvedev announced on Tuesday that the Russia's Armed Forces will undergo a "comprehensive rearmament" beginning in 2011.

Medvedev said that the world's current military-political state requires the modernization of the Russian military, especially "its strategic nuclear forces," according to the article.

A twitterer in Moscow downplayed the news immediately.

@redexile This is not as scary as seems - - the bulk of the nuclear arsenal is Soviet era and their replacement planned years ago

However, not all in Europe reacted the same way.

@thinkingpot (London, U.K.): Why is Russia up for comprehensive rearmament of military and strategic nuclear forces from 2011? I'm threatened.

@PendragonUK (Portsmouth, U.K.): @JDogg1329 They have been flying them into our airspace (UK) for the last few years. Russia is reminding the world it's a world force.

@Coenen (Zoetermeer, Netherlands): RT @BreakingNewsOn: Reuters: Medvedev said Russia would rearm its military and boost nuclear forces <- Seems Russia is scared of NATO?

One blogger was inspired to immediately write about the news.

@alandavies (Cardiff, Wales): New blog post: Worrying News - Russia to Rearm

The Russian president is active on Twitter (@d_medvedev), though he has not written about this topic recently.

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