March 17, 2009

Pope Benedict begins African mission trip

Per Reuters, Pope Benedict XVI began his first papal visit to Africa on Tuesday, starting in Cameroon. The pope will meet with leaders in Cameroon and Angola, will discuss how to bring peace to Africa, and will uphold the controversial Vatican statement that condoms will not bring an end to the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Many Twitterers reacted negatively to the Pope’s visit, especially on the condom issue. Here’s what they had to say:

@ourman: (Bamenda, Cameroon): So incredibly angry with what the Pope said. All possibilities of any positives out of this trip already gone. Fizzing.

@amykunc: (Unionville, OH): Dear Pope Benedict XVI: Really? Yeah, that is a great solution…yeah...ahhh...ok

@scottdetrow (Harrisburg, PA): Pope Benedict choosing not to deal with reality.

@thinkingpot (London, England): Pope Benedict XVI will get into papers again if he won't stop condemning the condom for aggravating AIDS silly old man

@KDLheartsJDL (Jacksonville, FL): im so glad ive converted to Lutheran... Pope Benedict XVI is a jackass and is retarded. inquire within for more info

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