March 19, 2009

Pope in Africa AIDS controversy

Per BBC News, Pope Benedict has sparked controversy by telling journalists that the use of condoms could endanger public health and increase the problem of HIV/AIDS during a visit to Africa.

The London Times reports that The Vatican has softened some of the Pope's language in the official account of the quote on the Vatican website, in an apparent attempt at damage control after several European countries (including France, Germany and The Netherlands) condemned the comments.

Twitter users have been largely critical of Pope Benedict's words.

@bilblogz (London, England) The Pope crawls out from under that slimy stone - comments on a reality he doesn't understand, then crawls back

@Sorokachan (Spain) Turns out the Pope said condoms "aggravate AIDS " while visiting Africa. The Vatican. Stopping people from thinking since way too long.

@stii (Cape Town, South Africa) "The evidence is considerable that abstinence-only programmes, are ineffective." WTF?! HIV is now airborn? :P #pope #condoms

@jichikawa (St. Andrews, Scotland) Are you serious, Pope? AIDS is a problem in Africa because there are TOO MANY condoms?

@thehollyhopdriv (Surrey, England) Congratulations to Pope Benedict, who should now be held partly responsible for the continued spreading of AIDS in Africa.

@thadd (Pennsylvania, USA) Pope in Africa saying condoms don't help AIDS crisis. Does he have any idea how many people he killed with those words? Fuck religious dogma

@andrew_rock (Brisbane, USA) This pope's utterances on condoms will kill hundreds of thousands, just like all before. These buffoons should be tried in the Haig.

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