March 20, 2009

Obama to send more troops to Afghanistan

Per the Times of India, U.S. president Barack Obama plans to expand the number of troops in Afghanistan to 400,000 in an effort to promote stability to the nation.

Breaking Tweets found twitterers in the U.S. had mainly negative things to say about the idea.

NYMACGirl (Las Vegas, Nevada): New Surge of troops in Afghanistan? I hope not.

ranggrol (Florida): 400,000 troops??? While I agree that we (America) broke it (Afghanistan), I passionately oppose Obama's plan to buy it. (LBJ anyone??)

rbaer (San Francisco, CA): @iava what about the recall? Troops being out a year getting recalled and going back to iraq and Afghanistan for 18 months

tiffyness (Oceanside, CA): @iamdiddy i wouldn't demand anything bt my hope is tht he pulls our troops out of Afghanistan asap. how many more kids have to die for Bush?

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