March 20, 2009

A Day in Johannesburg

Twitter users in Johannesburg, South Africa, tweeted about an intense rain, hail and thunderstorm that swept through the city this morning.

@AndrewCrawford (Johannesburg, South Africa): Jeez! That was one insane storm! My lawn is white. Rose bushes are bare. Gutters bocked. My ears itchy. Madness!

@pauljacobson (Johannesburg, South Africa): Our little downpour via Qik: - you can hear one of our puppies crying in the background. They were not happy.

@LudwigK (Johannesburg, South Africa): It's gloomy outside, with rain gently pattering on the roof. Do you have *any* idea how hard it was to get out of bed?

@mylifescape (Johannesburg, South Africa): - Hail stones - eek. Most hectic storm I've ever been in!

@rubyletters (Johannesburg, South Africa): in what world do you have a hail storm with golfball size hail at 8 in the morning????

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