March 4, 2009

A day in Brisbane

While half the world was still asleep, there was breaking news of a bomb alert at a shopping mall in the Australian city of Brisbane on Wednesday, March 4.

Aussie Twitter news feeds followed developments in that story, while Brisbane Twitter users also spent their evening eating dinner, taking pictures, complaining about train schedules, musing on nightclubs, laughing at lizards and preparing to set their clocks back an hour for daylight savings:

@abcnews Bomb threat at shopping centre north of Brisbane: Queensland Police have cordoned off a shopping centre just nor..

@612brisbane (Brisbane, Australia) Morayfield explosives eyewitness Louise says owners of cars abandoned at the shopping centre have been told it's okay to go back to collect

@cmail_qld (Brisbane, Australia) Four-car crash on freeway: TRAFFIC problems threaten peak hour Brisbane commuters because of a four-vehicle traf..

@andyley (Brisbane, Australia) In Brisbane about to go to the Melbourne hotel for some beer and steak... Yummo

@kaceeey (Gold Coast, Australia) wondering if it's labour or liberal trying to enforce daylight savings in brisbane. I'll be voting against in this coming election.

@gazboomer (Brisbane, Australia) Brisbane trains are hopeless - major delays at 8am this morning southbound at Roma street - remember Mussolini!

@Michael_Sheil (Brisbane, Australia) Just heard an Ad on B105 radio for the Squeeze Club, Alex Hills Hotel. It advertised that it was Brisbane's best Nightclub! How wrong!

@condamns (Brisbane, Australia) there's a gecko somewhere in my kitchen, its driving my cat crazy lol

@dannybrkic (Queensland, Australia) Having dinner with Mark & Kate at a nice little a Italian place called Avanti

@ohhearts (Brisbane, Australia) today I haven eaten: chocolate and a glass of milk for breakfast, 2 donuts, and a massive banana milkshake. Wow, how do I be so healthy?

@dale__wood (Australia) - Absolutely gaping at sunset over Brisbane Water, pic is only a sampling of how great it is..

And here is @dale__wood's picture:

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