March 4, 2009

Arrest warrant issued for Sudan's president

Per the Sudan Tribune, Laurence Blairon, spokesperson for the International Criminal Court (ICC), announced today that Sudanese president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir would be formally charged on war crimes in Darfur, but not genocide.

A warrant was issued for President Bahsir on "seven counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur."

These are some of the first Twitter responses to the announcement.

@binmugahid (Sudan) ICS presses official charges against the president of Sudan. Our responce as Sudanese. YOU WANT OUR PRESIDENT.... COME AND GET HIM.

@ suren_g (Shanghai, China) Whoa. ICC nails Sudanese President for war crimes. A good day for all those refugees who fled the violence

@goldlis (San Antonio, Texas) Why water down the indictment...why can't it give the full punch against genocide?

@21lara(Singapore) Sudanese president issued with warrant. Late, but never too late.

The ICC trial had been on Sudanese minds in recent days.

@MagicalMalik (Khartoum, Sudan): No school thurs due to the fact ICC will announce their decision about whether or not Sudan's pres will be charged for genocide.

@miraclessudan (Sudan): I really need a hug today! worried about disision of ICC on Omer Al-Bashir tomorow, wish to give everyone in Sudan a hug 4 peace

The blog Save Darfur has posted updates in light of the news.

UPDATE: Sudanese president rejects ICC arrest warrant. Read more here.

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