February 27, 2009

Students warned against spring break in Mexico

Per CBS News, tens of thousands of high school and college-age Americans looking forward to spring break may have to postpone their travel plans. Schools and universities across the nation are urging their student bodies not to travel to Mexico due to the escalating violence among the nation's drug cartels.

Per the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs, a travel alert for U.S. citizens going Mexico was issued on Feb. 20. The alert expires in August.

@HannaSoltys: Hoping to talk the brother out of the Spring Break trip to Rocky Point, Mexico next weekend. Would like to remain alive.

Those students near the Texas border are anxious about travel plans:

@hkhacker (Dallas, Texas): Any TX universities warning students not to go to Mexico for spring break?

Behind the cynicism of some Twitterers, there are legit concerns for violence.

@desertpenquin (Sun City, Ariz.): March Madness coming, in the gambling mood? What is the over/under on the number of US kids killed or kidnapped in Mexico over spring break?

@chakabrown: The drug war in mexico is ramping up, just in time for spring break, tequila and margaritas along with columbian neck ties and beheading.

The Twitter community is working together to seek and give advice to others for spring break plans in Mexico:

@jessedcaron (Fresno, CA): Were considering canceling our Mexico Spring Break Mission Trip because of increasing danger. I would appreciate thoughts.

@Chanchoy (Miami, FL): Jamaica is a good alternative to Mexico for spring break, cheap flights available and everthing thats available in Mexico.

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