February 27, 2009

Airline plans charge for mile high bathroom breaks

Per RTE, Irish-based low-cost airline Ryanair is considering charging passengers to use on-board toilets. The potential move comes as the airline looks at new ways to cut costs and generate extra revenue. Last week, Ryanair announced it would close all traditional check-in desks, making passengers check-in online or at airport kiosks instead.

Twitter users have been quick to deride the plan. In searches on Friday, comments in favor of charging to use toilets on Ryanair flights could not easily be found.

@99luftaballoons (Rio de Janeiro) Will Ryan Air start charging for use of a defibrillator as well?

@_sivanath (Silcon Valley, USA) I wudn't want to fly long distance on Ryan Air bit.ly/dpwz3 But love to see how they handle folks who don't want to spend extra -:)

@julescyprus (Cyprus) Ryan air charging a pound for a penny??? IF i ever flew them... NOT.. Y NOT book a seat in the loo for journey!! yes a (cheap airfare)

@dpkamoen (Los Angeles, USA) just read that Ryan Air wants to charge passengers 1 Euro for each visit to the toilet on flights. How much for a barf bag?

@stuartridout (Milton Keynes, England) Ryan Air can't be far off putting chip & pin machines on oxygen masks @tinyurl.com/cr56mk

@pkiss (Hamburg, Germany) starting to collect 1-€-coins, even if I'm not a Ryan Air customer: tinyurl.com/cdkapc

@llsand Paris, France Ryan Air want their customers to pay 1£ to go the bathroom on their planes ??? Cheap bastards !

@XdentalXtremist (NYC, USA) Not flying Ryan Air anytime soon: tinyurl.com/dyj9lt

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