February 25, 2009

Plane crashes in Amsterdam

Per AD.nl, a Turkish Airlines plane with 135 people on board crashed Wednesday morning at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

The Boeing 737 flight was en route from Istanbul, according to the article. Numerous media outlets reported that there were casualties, but there was no additional information at the time this was posted.

A journalist with villamedia.nl posted the first picture of the crash to TwitPic before any major news outlets reported the news. It has received more than 30,000 views in the last 35 minutes.

@lrs (The Netherlands): http://twitpic.com/1ol2n - Mobiel fotootje, credit @diederikm

Seconds before posting the photo, he wrote:

@lrs (The Netherlands): Mobiel fotootje toont op het oog geen grote ramp. (Mobile picture shows a view no major disaster.)

One man appeared to be in the air when he received word of the crash. His tweet was one of the very first with the news.

@patrick (Amsterdam): "Schiphol airport is closed due to a problem with an inbound flight." I'm in the plane an via Twitter I see there is a crash!

He then added:

@patrick (Amsterdam) Cabincrew of my flight say they don't have information. If only they had Twitter #Schiphol

Some in the Netherlands were in shock when they heard the news.

@Ninjoo (Haarlem): OMG! PLANE CRASH just 3 MILES from where I'm sitting RIGHT NOW!

@corinneduyvis (Amsterdam): Whoa, plane just crashed at Schiphol airport. Don't know how the passengers are yet.

Social media expert @chrisbrogan, well known to the Twitterverse with more than 45,000 followers, was ironically just moments away from flying to Amsterdam. He said his flight had been significantly delayed, and later he made this observation.

@chrisbrogan: Twitter beats the BBC by 15 minutes in reporting #schiphol crash. Twitpic and all.

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