February 25, 2009

Holocaust-denying Bishop returns to U.K.

Per The Daily Mail, Bishop Richard Williamson has returned to the United Kingdom after being expelled from Argentina. He had stated in an interview that only 300,000 Jews, not six million, perished in the Nazi Death camps during World War II. After being excommunicated by the Catholic Church, he was recently welcomed back into it by Pope Benedict.

Upon his arrival in Heathrow Airport in London, Williamson was invited to stay with Historian David Irving, another controversial figure who also denied the existence of the Holocaust, according to The Daily Mail.

Here were some of the first tweets reacting to this news:

zemblamatic (Colchester and London, U.K.): David Irving is advising 'Bishop' Richard Williamson, what could possibly go wrong?

@professorkim (East Coast, U.S.): Finally read up on Richard Williamson, bishop who was un-excommunicated. Vatican really backs him? http://peaurl.com/oYV4

Londonist (London, U.K.): Goodbye From Me, Argentina: Banished bishop Richard Williamson arrived this morning on a BA flight at Heathrow, .. http://tinyurl.com/coqwo6

more4news: David Irving just told Emily that he warned holocaust-denying Bishop Richard Williamson "the media are evil". Charming!

Breezeblock: @more4news (London, U.K.): David Irving and Bishop Richard Williamson seem to have both failed to spot evil hitherto.

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