February 26, 2009

Largest known freshwater giant stingray found

As per National Geographic: Photographs and video of the the largest recorded Giant Freshwater Stingray in Thailand's Mekong River system have been released. The behemoth, also known as the Whipray, measures 6.9 feet by 6.6 feet and is estimated to weight between 550 and 990 pounds. Scientists found that the stingray had lost its tail and if it had been intact, scientists estimate that the ray would have been 14.8 to 16.4 feet long. Currently this giant holds the record for largest freshwater fish.

Zeb Hogan, a University of Nevada Biologist, and his colleagues are part of the Megafishes Project that is trying to document the 20 giant freshwater fish in the world. Hogan told National Geographic that he is hopeful the giant stingray is making a comeback in the Mekong River system.

Little is known about the giant stingray because it was first documented by scientist in 1989.

davecriswell: (New Hampshire) I'm testing out the Google Hot Trends gadget for iGoogle. "Giant Stingray" is number 5 today?!

oelibrarian: (New York) hear about the giant stingray? Seven feet across and over 700 lbs! And I'm not kidding either!

LBCreations: (Catskills, New York) OH MY GOSH did you hear about the 800 lb stingray?! caught in Thailand, it was a tagging expedition, so they released her and shes pregnant!

filadelphonic: (Philadelphia, PA) So biologists in Thailand caught a 7 by 7 stingray that weighs 800 lbs and released it back into the wild? Not cool.

EvilSue: (Perth, Western Australia) http://bit.ly/ZovD5 (expand) giant stingray caught in Thailand - biggest fish ever caught on rod and reel. 350kg yowza!!

P_o_D: (London, UK) Giant stingray 'the size of a garden shed' is landed by British angler rhttp://bit.ly/srLXa (expand)

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