February 26, 2009

Iran tests first nuclear power plant: success

Per Al Jazeera, in a move that has already provoked fear and bluster, Iran announced it has successfully tested its first nuclear power plant. The Persian Gulf power says its long-delayed plant could begin producing power within months. Iran, who built the plant with help from Russia, claims it has only peaceful aims.

It's not the first time a Middle East nation has solicited help from superpowers in building large domestic infrastructure projects. However, Israel, who maintains a nuclear stockpile, issued a threatening statement (per AFP) about its own military might, and called for immediate action to stop Iran.

In Africa, some wondered whether Iran might help Kenya develop nuclear electricity and expand developing nations' ties to each other and minimize reliance on the West, as Xinhua reported.

(Nairobi): @bankelele Whats your take on Iran's interest to do biz with Kenya? Me thinks its a good deal. Besides they promising a nuclear power plant!

@bankelele (Nairobi): @SupremeGREAM Iran not going to help us with nuclear, I'd rather we talked to India or South Africa

Some criticized Israel for threatening war with Iran.

@rensefeed: Insane Israel Lobbies For War On Iran http://ur1.ca/1xlr

Others talked about fuel use itself.

@StephenBove (San Francisco, Calif.): If we're so concerned about Iran's nukes, why not offer to buy them enough solar panels to quench their electric thirst? Lots of sun there.

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