February 11, 2009

New Israeli PM not certain

Per the Jerusalem Post, both Tzipi Livni and Binyamin Netanyahu claimed victory following Tuesday's election, though the tight contest will likely be decided in the days ahead. The article noted the "Kadima [Livni] had won the most seats in the new Knesset, but the Likud-led right-wing [Netanyahu] would constitute the larger bloc."

The complicated result left some disappointed.

@CharlieKalech (Jerusalem) Going to sleep listening to the Jerusalem rain and sad about Israeli election results

@YarinHochman (Israel): The election results shows just how complicated Israel is... and that the electoral system is simply broken with no clear winner

A student at Hebrew University, per her bio, made this observation about national media coverage.

@Elizrael (Jerusalem) All major Israeli papers: despite losing to Livni, Netanyahu is set to become the next Prime Minister. #Israel

The Netanyahu campaign tweeted a few times after the polls closed. Its Twitter account was being followed by 781 followers as of this post.

@netanyahu: # בנימין נתניהו: "העם אמר את דברו!"http://tinyurl.com/ccrtr9 (# Benjamin Netanyahu: "the people said the word!" Http://tinyurl.com/ccrtr9)

@netanyahu: # תודה רבה לכולכם על ההשתתפות, התרומה, המיילים, הבלוגים, התגובות והבעת האמון במפלגת הליכוד בראשות נתניהו.... (Thank you all for participation, contribution, in miles, blogs, comments vote of confidence Likud Party, headed by Netanyahu .... )

Livni's campaign does not have an official Twitter account.

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