February 11, 2009

China confronts bird flu epidemic

Per CNN, "China has killed 13,000 birds in the country's far northwest to control what it called an epidemic of bird flu, state media reported Tuesday."

@rolf_knecht of Shanghai has been tracking the problem. Recently, he posted the following:

@rolf_knecht (Shanghai, China): 21 yr old farmer in Hunan infected with BF. Stable conditions

Today, he wrote this:

@rolf_knecht (Shanghai, China): Interesting article in Shanghai Daily about Bird Flu.

The article he is referring to ("Little mutation in bird flu infections") can be found here.

A woman in Taiwan said she was feeling sick, but she does not believe it is a case of the epidemic.

@ShuFlies (Taipei, Taiwan): I am glad I do not have the avian flu. I know that for a fact because I have not turned into Big Bird yet.

A young woman in China also made reference to the epidemic.

@chulea (Guangzhou, China): Bleached my entire kitchen after a goose intestine cleaning disaster. Just say NO to bird flu!

There has been little reaction to this point from the international community on Twitter.

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