February 20, 2009

Hard right candidate Netanyahu picked as Israel's next Prime Minister

Per the Tehran Times and The Independent, hawkish politician Binyamin Netanyahu has been picked by Israeli president Shimon Peres to serve as prime minister. Netanyahu held the post from 1996-1999, when he authorized a large expansion of new settlements. Netanyahu leads Israel's biggest right-wing party, Likud, which won 27 seats in the Knesset in the recent election. Tzipi Livni's more moderate Kadima party, which advocates a two-state solution, won 28 seats, but Netanyahu was tapped to form a unity government when he secured the endorsement of far-right nationalist Avigdor Lieberman.

Livni has said she does not want to join ultra-orthodox parties in Netanyahu's coalition that demanded she not negotiate with Palestinians and want Israeli control of the entire West Bank.

This move to the right by Israel has some worried.

@danysaadia (Mexico, NY, Spain): Netanyahu to form an Israeli cabinet... Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Others comment on Netanyahu's stance against Iran.

@Mercypolitics (New Orleans, La.): Netanyahu Targets Iran after Nomination for Prime.http://tinyurl.com/aaz8ug (expand)

@IBDeditorials (Los Angeles): Ahmadinejad Vs. Netanyahu: Middle East: The global stage is set for a confrontation reminiscent of Churchill vs... http://tinyurl.com/bg8yea

Some Palestinians look to the international community to push Netanyahu to work for peace and abide by international law.

@Gazamom (North Carolina): Waiting for quartet to place conditions on Netanyahu govt: accept Palestine, renounce violence,abide by accords,or no talks; #Israel #Gaza

The news also sparked approval from hard-liners.

@JordanSekulow (Virginia): @Sahd a Netanyahu government, because it's seen as harder line, may by default cause a possible enemy of Israel to think 2x (kind of Reagan)

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