February 20, 2009

Argentine authorities expel Catholic bishop

Per BBC, the Argentine Interior Minister made public a statement announcing that authorities are given ten days to the Bishop Richard Williamson to leave the country under threat of immediate expulsion. The bishop denies the Holocaust in statements made to a local TV station.

Argentina has the sixth largest Jewish population in the world outside Israel. Buenos Aires, in particular, is considered the second capital with the highest Jewish population, behind New York.

Tweets poured in around the world about the news.

@Sabrioli (Brooklyn, N.Y.): Argentina: where in the 40's or 50's it was still ok to name your kid "Adolfo." Holy..

@niels_stet (Nijmegen, Netherlands): "Argentina expels Holocaust bishop" and they are absolutely right!http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/7900591.stm

@WillHeaven (York, U.K.): Argentina tells Bishop Williamson to get out of the country -http://tinyurl.com/cu9bjr. But where will he go? Tehran?

@jredding (Shanghai, China): Awesome! This behavior is no longer tolerated!http://edition.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/americas/02/19/argentina.bishop/index.html

@sablikatriumph (Curacao, Netherlands Antilles): funny is how the Jewish aint protesting like #blck folks do against British bishop in Argentina that denied the Holocaust.

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