February 23, 2009

Giant Snake or Giant Fake?

Per Scientific American, grainy aerial photos of a 100 foot snake in a remote waterway in Borneo's Baleh River have surfaced. According to the London Daily Telegraph, it's still undetermined whether or not the photos are fake. But the Telegraph has yet to tell who took the photo, where or when, leaving the skeptics crying foul. Scientific American interviewed Dr. Hany Farid of Dartmouth Univeristy and asked his opinion on the legitimacy of the pixilated photos. Farid was unable to make a complete argument for one side or the other.

@franciskus:(Canada) giant snake or photoshop manipulation? - I don't know, but I think it is fake http://tr.im/gGZ4

@FrikkinWeird: (London, England) FrikkinWeirdNews Are photographs a fake of a giant snake?: LONDON, Feb. 22 (UPI) -- A grainy pho.. http://tr.im/gFQm

@GPappalardo: (San Diego, California)
Are photographs a fake of a giant snake? http://viigo.im/0Iz

@saradevil: (Daegu, Korea) trying to decide which I believe more, giant snake or atlantis.

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