February 23, 2009

Farms in Zimbabwe seized

Per United Press International, "Zimbabwe is stepping up the confiscation of white-owned farms before a new power-sharing unity government can begin to take the reins, critics say."

Within the last few weeks, 77 farms have been seized, according to BBC.

No tweets in Zimbabwe could be found about the news as of this post, but others are reacting on Twitter.

@ltec (Pretoria, South Africa): Hey Zim Bob! it's going to get harder to blame starvation on colonialism if you keep destroying your own farms.

@kerrymdavis (London, U.K.): Zimbabwe: Another 77 farms seized in the last fortnight. When will this madness end? http://tinyurl.com/ch6fwa

@etothen (Portland, Ore.): looking forward to the Zimbabwe update, it hasnt recieved much air, not supprising given the news it is competing against.

@digitaltoast: RT @BBC_HaveYourSay: Scores of Zimbabwe farms 'seized'. http://tinyurl.com/ch6fwa I really have to wonder why we don't take Mugabe out NOW!

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