February 14, 2009

First woman minister appointed to Saudi Cabinet

Per CNN, Saudi King Abdullah has appointed a women to the council of ministers for the first time as part of an overall reshuffle of Cabinet positions.

Abdullah appointed Noor Al-Fayez to the new position of deputy minister for women's education in the council of education. He also announced a new supreme court chief, minister of health, justice minister and information minister.

Readers across Twitter recognized the momentous occasion with joy and with hopes for the continued advancement of women's rights.

@danabrit (Newburgh, Ind.): This is major http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/meast/02/14/saudi.arabia.woman.minister/index.html

@jmthemaker: First woman minister in Saudi Arabia cabinet!!!

@Jacob1207: is pleased that a woman has been appointed to the Saudi Council of Ministers. Now, if only women could drive in the Desert Kingdom...

@happyattorney (Southern Utah): King appoints first woman to council http://tinyurl.com/burpuh. Hope it's progress, not just a new tea server!

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