February 14, 2009

Air strike kills 27 in Pakistan

Per BBC, 27 militants have been killed in a U.S. air strike in northwest Pakistan.

A missile hit a house in South Warzistan, near the Afghan border, according to BBC. Officials said the house was used as a hideout for Taliban militants.

There have been about 20 U.S. air strikes in Pakistan in recent months, per the article. With President Barack Obama and his administration taking power in the United States less than a month before, it had been hoped that the controversial practice might end.

From both the United States and Pakistan, incredulity and anger were displayed in wake of the news.

@jlcs621 (Kansas): US missile strike in Pakistan? Did we just go to war with Pakistan? Hello new security council, what up?

@CoachMarryam (Lahore, Pakistan): umm.. Mr President Obama "Suspected US missile strike kills 27 in Pakistan"

@schwa (Portland): So much for change - US drones still attacking targets within Pakistan's borders.

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