January 31, 2009

Israel claims new rocket strike

Per EuroNews, Israel was the victim of a new rocket-attack on Saturday, according to Israel's military. A rocket fired from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip fell in the city of Ashkelon.

Here are some of the initial tweets on the incident from the region.

@nazek88 (Palestine-Gaza): اسرائيل: سقوط صاروخ اطلق من غزة جنوب عسقلان دون إصابات#gaza (Israel: the fall of a rocket fired from Gaza, south of Ashkelon, without injury # gaza)

@debka (Jerusalem): Gaza rocket alarms Ashkelon Saturday in another Hamas ceasefire breach: Hamas again breached the ceasefire it declared Jan. 19 Saturday,

@a7lashabab (Jordan):
سقوط صاروخ جراد من غزة على مدينة عسقلان جنوبي اسرائيل وذلك بسبب الحصار الذي تفرضه اسرائيل على غزة، للمزيد (Grad missile hit from Gaza on southern Israeli city of Ashkelon, because of the blockade imposed by Israel on Gaza)

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