January 31, 2009

Iraqi elections 'peaceful'

Per Al Jazeera, millions of eligible voters casted their ballots in regional elections across Iraq "amid extremely tight security." Initial reports say the elections were overwhelmingly peaceful.

American soldier @trevor31u said it was a long day, but also encouraging.

@trevor31u (Baghdad): Back from mission. 13 hours worth of patrolling poll sites for the election today. Blargh.

@trevor31u (Baghdad): On a positive note, I didn't hear of any attacks today. Sounds like the Iraqi people are really embracing this whole democracy thing

Fox News freelancer @davidmacdougall also gave a glimpse into the scene through Twitter.

@davidmacdougall (Baghdad): @greybucket don't fall asleep! here's an Iraq update: all quiet for elections. went to polling station this morning, voters pretty chilled.

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