May 4, 2009

Swine flu shows signs of slowing in Mexico

Per BBC, Mexico City plans to reopen restaurants and cafes on Wednesday - and libraries, museums and churches a day later - as cases of the swine flu influenza outbreak have been dropping, according to health officials.

Mexican Twitterers are interpreting this news differently:

  1. Marco Alberto
    MarcoAlberto (Mexico City, Mexico) Ojalá la influenza se lleve a las almas malas de este país!! (Hopefully, the flu is done carrying to the souls of this poor country!)
  2. Ana Cristina Mo.
    AnaCristinaMo (Guadalajara, Mexico) ¿Se acuerdan de aquellos tiempos cuando todos teníamos pánico de la influenza? (Remember those days when we all had the flu panic?)
  3. Jesus TERRAZAS
    JesusT (Mexico City, Mexico) influenza, regresame mi ciudad, ya quiero ir a comer como dios manda!!!!! (Influenza, regresses my city, I go to eat as a god send !!!!!)
  4. Victor Pacheco
    victorpv (Puerta Vallarta, Mexico) Siempre dije, que eso de la influenza solo era propaganda politica... Por eso, Yo Tambien Anulare Mi Voto... (Always said, that the influenza was only propaganda political ... So, I ring my vote)
  5. Jorge A. Salgado
    jorgehero (Mexico City, Mexico) Influenza: "Bueno, pues gracias por participar, regresan a clases el jueves". (Influenza: "Well, thanks for participating, return with classes on Thursday")

Some added that they are sick of hearing news about the flu.

  1. Ady Z
    Staurofila (Tlalnepantla, Mexico) Cada día soy mas adicta a las noticias, ya estoy trabajando; esto de la influenza tiene que acabar!!! Nos estamos volviendo locos!!! (Every day I am more addicted to the news, I'm working, that the influenza has to stop! We are becoming crazy!)
  2. Sastun
    aceram (Mexico City, Mexico) @Ruleiro en mi humilde opinion yo creo que ya contamos con la info suficiente para lo de la influenza. Gracias (o ya chole, no?) (@Ruleiro in my humble opinion I think that we already have enough for the info about the flu. Thanks (or Chol, no?)

Despite the news, many Twitter accounts continue to distribute information on swine flu and how to combat it.

  1. El Universal
    El_Universal_Mx (Mexico City, Mexico) Aquí una expliación general del Sistema de Alerta Sanitaria del DF. #influenza #h1n1 (Here a general explanation of the Alert System Sanitary City)
  2. RunMX2
    RunMX2 (Mexico City, Mexico) De acuerdo a la UNAM se puede hacer ejercicio al aire libre, solo mantenerse alejados de otras personas #influenza (According to UNAM exercise can be done outdoors, just stay away from other people)
  3. el_economista
    el_economista (Mexico City, Mexico) Tips para vivir con la influenza en cines, teatros y auditorios: Las reuniones colectivas son difíciles de evita.. (Tips for living with influenza in cinemas, theaters and auditoriums: The group meetings are difficult to avoid)

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