May 6, 2009

Russia responds to NATO act by expelling Canadian diplomats

Per BBC, "Russia has expelled two Canadian diplomats working for NATO's Moscow office in response to an 'unfriendly act' by the military alliance."

The move followed two Russian envoys being expelled from NATO's headquarters in Brussels last week, allegedly as a result of spying.

Canadian Twitterers were baffled by the news:

  1. Rickster
    rickster_CA (Toronto, Canada) Russia expels 2 Canadian diplomats??? What did we ever do to them?
  2. Tom Woodhall
    tommydoubleu (Toronto, Canada) That's it. We're going to war with Russia. How do you expell a Canadian diplomat? Ask them nicely? Insult their hockey team of choice?
  3. Mark MacKinnon/马凯
    markmackinnon (Canada/Asia) I know one of those tossed. If he's a spy, I'm a point guard for the LA Lakers.
  4. dan levy
    danjl (Montreal, Canada) Russia expels Canadian diplomats; Makes Canadians feel bad-ass.
  5. Kath Halloran
    lifeonqueen (Toronto, Canada) The diplomatic equivalent of kicking the dog after fight with spouse RT@nytimesworld Russia to Expel CDNs #nato #canada

No Russian tweets about the incident could be immediately found.

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