May 7, 2009

Jesusita fire displaces 8,000 in California

Per the Los Angeles Times, more than 8,000 have been driven from their homes and at least 20 residences near the Pacific Ocean have been destroyed as the Jesusita fire rages on in Santa Barbara, Calif.

The fire is named for a nearby trail and is the third major fire in Santa Barbara in nine months, according to the article. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to visit the affected area soon, and more than 1,300 fire personnel are fighting the blaze, the Times reports.

Like in past fires, many are using Twitter to distribute information.

  1. Nicki Arnold
    sunkiss (Isla Vista, Calif.) RT direct relief's distributing respirator masks for the public at Loreto Plaza (State and Las Positas) from noon to 3pm. #jesusita
  2. mekahlo medina
    mekahlo (Los Angeles, Calif.) EMER ONLY CALL emergency operations ctr. # 805.681.5197 PLEASE call ONLY if u are a LOCAL resident. #sbfire #jesusita
  3. Clayton
    CJamz (Santa Barbara County, Calif.) Emergency vehicles will be entering the area. Obey all directions given by law enforcement
    and fire personnel. #jesusita
  4. laurie
    autaba (D.C./California) here for #jesusita sb fire updates, stay safe friends and family

Many Twitterers are also sharing personal stories.

  1. aarchitect
    aarchitect (Santa Monica, Calif.) My old place in Santa Barbara is now within the mandatory evacuation area. I hope they protect the Mission #jesusita #fire
  2. Lesley Miller
    Lesley3fold (Sacramento, Calif.) Thinking about my cousin who is fighting the #Jesusita fire today. So happy/grateful he can help protect many of my friends homes.
  3. Jay Bolster
    webster69 (Maine) I loved Santa Barbara when we went there, I hope the #jesusita fire is not too damaging. Good luck everyone
  4. Elizabeth Geli
    elizgeli (Los Angeles, Calif.) just talked 2 my dad; relatives voluntarily evacuated last nite, there's a chance they might lose their house. #jesusita fire is very close
  5. Mike Elgan
    mike_elgan (California) Wow. On the West Side of Santa Barbara, it just became dark like an eclipse due to smoke. #jesusita

Some are posting TwitPics:

"#Jesusita Fire in Santa Barbara. View of the front of the house with some crazy smoke action in the background." (Posted by @realsirius23, Santa Barbara, Calif.)

"View of Jesusita fire from my balcony. This is from San Antonio Creek Road west of the 154." (Posted by @chris_m_borden, Santa Barbara, Calif.)

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