May 3, 2009

Economic woes plague Zimbabwe

Per the Zimbabwe Times, the Zimbabwean government is broke and unable to increase union workers' salaries. Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said in a May Day rally speech that the government cannot pay its workers more than their current $100 per month salary.

The Twitterverse is talking about Zimbabwe's economic problems:

  1. Maria Antonia Costa
    macosta25 (Maputo, Mozambique) Retweet @gabgabgabby: Inflation in Zimbabwe hits 500 billion per cent .Unempoyment is 90% Source: Soource: Zimbabwe Finance Minister.
  2. Dr. Shimswizzlewitz
    Shimswizzlewitz (Florida) We Need Moderators Tsvangirai: Zimbabwe is broke: Prime minister Tsvangirai says government un..
  3. Tendai Sean Joe
    TendaiJoe (Cape Town, South Africa) @RichardBPenn i stay in SA! But the average income in Zimbabwe is US$100 per month as per civil service salaries!
  4. aroseindacity
    aroseindacity (Hollywood, Calif.) duh, Tsvangirai. ugh. RT @VOA_News: Zimbabwe PM Says Gov't is Broke: Tsvangirai says country cannot meet union demands for higher wages.
  5. Ewan Cameron
    camere1 (Johannesburg, South Africa) Departing now for Harare. Hoping to see more signs that Zimbabwe is on the way back to economic growth!

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