April 19, 2009

Train crash injures 50 outside Mexico City

Per CNN International, at least 50 people were injured Saturday night when two trains collided near Mexico City. No deaths have been reported, according to the article.

The incident became a hot topic for Twitterers in Mexico, who provided both emotions and statements about the suburban rail system.

  1. Carlos_Alberto
    Carlos_Alberto (Mexico City, Mexico) Falla el tren suburbano, las personas estan varadas y el personal no sabe que hacer (The suburban train crashes, people are stranded and the staff does not know what to do) from Twitea.me
  2. Jonathan Mtz Roqueñi
    MetaJonas (Mexico) http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/notas/591956.html liga correcta me preocupa pues yo uso ese tren #mexico #df (correct league worries me because I use that train #mexico #df)
  3. Carlos Adrián
    caMorales (Mexico) Ah no ya no, chocó el tren Suburbano con otro entre San Rafael y Lechería. Con razón suspendieron el servicio. (Oh no no, Suburban collided with another train between San Rafael and Dairy. Rightly suspended the service.)
  4. Luis Archundia
    luisarch (Cuautitlan, Mexico) Creo que aqui la responsabilidad se la pondrán al conductor del tren que se detuvo, pero CAF no pagará por los platos rotos como deberia ser (I think the responsibility here is to go to the driver of the train that was stopped, but CAF will not pay for the damage as it should) from twhirl
  5. doctor_marmota
    doctor_marmota (Mexico City, Mexico) Está del [interjección] lo del tren suburbano. Ya quiero ver cómo politizan la tragedia. (What the [expletive] is the suburban train. Ya want to see how politicized the tragedy.) from twhirl

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