April 16, 2009

Obama makes visit to Mexico

Per The New York Times, U.S. President Barack Obama met with Mexican President Felipe Calderon in Mexico City on Thursday, with issues such as trade, drug violence, and gun trafficking at the top of the agenda. This is Obama's first trip to Latin America as president, according to the Times.

Twitterers in and around Mexico City provided a feel for Obama's visit.

  1. Deborah Bonello
    mexicoreporter (Mexico) Obama' jsut drove past the office - him and about 29 other cars with blacked-out windows.
  2. La Chilangabacha
    LaChilangabacha (Tenochtitlan, Mexico) @MariRamos It's raining Obama in the Distrito Federal.
  3. José Manuel
    plick88 (Mexico City, Mexico) Mexico City is caos today because of president Obama's prescence. There is traffic everywere.
  4. Teresa
    Atiret (Mexico) @UstreamTV Mexico City is right now a bunker, because Obama is here, i believe it´s ok, he is welcome in Mexico.
  5. luis poblete flores
    lpoblete (Mexico) i´ve heard barak obama is in mexico city right now......we both are very important persons.....jajajajjajajajaja
  6. José Manuel
    plick88 (Mexico City, Mexico) People gather to see obama outside the airport in Mexico City. http://yfrog.com/093y6j
  7. Susana Mo.Z
    inmodeofinertia (Jalisco, Mexico) welcome to Mexico city mr. Obama!

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