April 18, 2009

Iran convicts Saberi for espionage

Per NPR, the Iran Revolutionary Court sentenced Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi to jail for eight years as a result of spying. Her father, Reza Saberi, said he believes the trial was not carried out fairly and the family plans to appeal the decision.

American Twitterers expressed their feelings about the decision, with many advocating for fighting back.

  1. Roshini Rajkumar
    RoshiniR (Minneapolis, Minn.) I cannot believe my friend, journalist Roxana Saberi, was sentenced to 8 yrs in prison in Iran.
  2. yelverton
    yelverton (Boston, Mass.) Time to get educated and get active over journalist Roxana Saberi, just sentenced to 8 years in an Iranian prison. Think Human Rights.
  3. Judith Spitzer
    jaspitzer31 (Portland, Ore.) Journalist Saberi (for bbc & npr) sentenced to 8 yr Iran prison for espionage. Why isn't US helping? No defense allowed, family to appeal.
  4. thebert
    thebert (Undisclosed) We take for granted the open court system of the United States. Makes me believe that the charges against Saberi are baseless.
  5. Teabag Tweet
    Teabagtweet (Undisclosed) Iran sentences a US journalist Roxana Saberi to 8 yrs in prison, guaranteeing it will be a point of tension through Obama's entire term(s)

Some in the Middle East added their own views about the story.

  1. Razan Ghazzawi
    AnarchistQueer (Damascus, Syria) RT@avinunu:@nytimes calls 4 release of Roxana Saberi bt silent on 8,400 Palestinian political prisoners incl. 41 elected MPs held by #Israel
  2. Scorpionkiss
    scorpionkiss (Cairo, Egypt) I feel for Roxana Saberi's family,but I wish she had reflected more on the Fascist,nay,Lunatic,country she was in...namely, Iran...
  3. Elizabeth Tsurkov
    Elizrael (Jerusalem, Israel) RT @LilyMazahery: RT @KevinMaddenDC: - Iranian court sentences U.S. journalist Roxana Saberi to 8 years. Please petition your congress reps

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