April 4, 2009

Giant sea worm captured in U.K. aquarium

Per Daily Mail Reporter, aquarium staff say they have finally captured a four-foot "giant sea" worm that has been wreaking havoc on a reef display at Newquay's Blue Reef Aquarium in Cornwall, U.K.

Staff said the monster invertebrate, named Barry, had damaged fish residing in the display, and cut coral reefs in half, according to the article. Barry had spent several weeks eluding capture and leaving staff baffled by destroying traps and at times swallowing bait whole that was filled with fish hooks. Barry was still able to bite through some 20-pound fishing line before being captured.

Twitterers are in awe and disgust:

  1. Ana Zmekhol
    anazmekhol (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Just saw a picture of Barry, the giant (4ft long!!!) sea worm, found at Blue Reef Aquarium... S-W-E-E-T!!!
  2. Francesca H
    faffypants (Phoenix, Ariz.) NEVER going into the ocean, again. ever. http://news.aol.com/article/giant-sea-worm/412269?icid=main
  3. Heather
    exlibris11235 (Madison, Wisc.) Ugh, Barry the Giant Sea Worm is going to give me the creepy-crawlies all day: http://bit.ly/2ZGfoY
  4. Brian
    worldwidebrian (Richmond, Va.) just saw a picture of Barry the giant sea worm, how cool!!!
  5. Jon Griffin
    JonGriffin (USA) Barry the giant sea worm is the scariest thing to come out of the ocean since the angler fish. Like, he's really [expletive] scary.
  6. medeyle
    medeyle (Florida) After reading about Barry the giant sea worm I am even more sure that everything in the sea is pokey, bitey or poisonous!

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