April 1, 2009

A Day in San Francisco

Whether it be hiking, working, shopping, or attending conferences, tweets from San Francisco yesterday painted a vivid picture of a day in the American city.

  1. Jerry G
    onetootwee Bay Area from above seems a lego-city microcosm of (sub-&) urban transportation: highways, bridges, trains, ships, planes, even a blimp
  2. Scout Labs
    scoutlabs About to head to the Web 2.0 conference opening reception...and then the early show tomorrow AM.
  3. Walter
    nopayne Nothing scarier than getting pulled into your boss's boss's boss's office for an impromptu conference call.
  4. Mike VdD
    mvergel just saw someone i went to high school with in the video of hideo kojima at the San Fran (downtown) apple store.
  5. James W. Alvies
    Alvies I think the warm weather has finally arrived in San Francisco. It's 7PM, sunny and warm. The neighborhood kids are out running around.
  6. Brian Caylor

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