April 3, 2009

Berlusconi upsets the Queen

Per Times Online, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has made Queen Elizabeth a YouTube hit after a photo opportunity at the G20 Summit yesterday. On camera Berlusconi can be heard calling out to United States President Barack Obama and the Queen can be heard saying, "Why does he have to shout?" This has caused outrage in Italy as newspapers are calling Berlusconi out on being an embarrassment to the country.

The Twitterverse is buzzing about what happened:

  1. Telegraph Politics
    TelegraphPoliti (London, England) Queen shows up Silvio Berlusconi - how on earth did he end up in charge of a great country? http://tinyurl.com/cc4wcp
  2. Cleo Walpole
    CleoWalpole (England) Ha, Queen tells off italian president Mr Berlusconi - "Why do you have to shout?" Go Queeny, you tell 'em!! http://tinyurl.com/c4a7dj
  3. Kevin Atkinson
    kevatkinson (England) @ronniewilson Good morning (afternoon here) not much happening, except the Queen (of England) is a little miffed at Berlusconi (Italian PM)
  4. Helô Vieira
    helovieira (Brazil) what can I say about a guy who yells and scary the England queen? Berlusconi, I missed you at the news in the last months.
  5. GiordanoContestabile
    giordanobc (Shanghai, China) Hilarious:Berlusconi makes noises calling Obama,Queen Elizabeth chastises him. He's the best http://tinyurl.com/d72452
  6. Leisure In Rome
    Leisure_In_Rome (Rome, Italy) Buongiorno! Good old Berlusconi always brings a smile to my day.........go Queen!!! http://tinyurl.com/c6pyz3
  7. macleans
    macleans (Location not listed) Video of the Queen jokingly reprimanding Berlusconi a YouTube hit http://tinyurl.com/dcynb5

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