April 20, 2009

America remembers Columbine 10 years later

Per Denver Post, people from Denver gathered on Sunday to remember those that were killed 10 years ago in an attack that resulted in the death of 13 high schoolers at Columbine High School. The gathering was held at Clement Park and is the location of the Columbine Memorial. Family members, friends, survivors and current students gathered in a candlelight vigil to remember those lost.

Twitterers from across the country are reflecting on the anniversary:

  1. Paige
    pollypreggers (Alabama) Remembering Columbine today -10 yrs later. Remember my high school for the same reason-14 years later. When that happens-u r never the same.
  2. Sarah Calhoun
    sarahlouise03 (Auburn, New York) i can't believe the columbine massacre happened ten years ago...still feels so recent.
  3. Lalita Amos
    LLAmos (Indianapolis, Indiana) Some of the students who survived the Columbine shooting are now there as teachers! Talking about triumphing over the past. I'm humbled!
  4. linadarkly
    linadarkly (Location not listed) Today is the 10 year anniversary of the shooting at Columbine. I lived in Denver at the time and had friends who knew students there.
  5. Lauren Cook
    laurencook (Denver, Colorado) I remember exactly where I was when I heard about Columbine (only a few miles away from the school). It will never be forgotten.
  6. ruthsworld
    ruthsworld (Louisville, Kentucky) Sad/upsetting hearing about Columbine shootings on news again. My cousin was there when it happened

@aarondelay from Denver, Colorado tweeted this picture from the Clement Park Memorial:

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