March 9, 2009

Zimbabwe PM calls crash 'accident'

Per The New York Times, Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai spoke publicly for the first time Monday about a recent car accident that killed his wife and injured him, stating it was an accident and the chance of foul play was "one in a thousand."

The report comes just two days after CNN published a report that Tsvangirai believed the crash was deliberate, citing an anonymous official in his political party.

His statement hardly cooled rampant speculation on Twitter, as many in neighboring South Africa have tweeted their thoughts that it was not an accident in the last several hours.

@clempkap (Mthata, South Africa): I' still puzzled by Tsvangirai's "accident". After all those negotiations, wouldn't it be nice for Bob if ZIM's new PM would be taken out?

@royblumenthal (Johannesburg, South Africa): I wonder when Mugabe has scheduled Tsvangirai's follow-up car accident?

Tsvangirai's wife will be buried on Wednesday, per United Press International. One tweeter in Johannesburg re-tweeted the development, while adding his opinion on the incident in parentheses.

@donpackett (Johannesburg, South Africa): RT @mailandguardian: Zimbabwe mourns Susan Tsvangirai (I'm still not convinced it was an accident)

An ABC correspondent in Zimbabwe noted an ironic American connection to the crash.

@jimsciuttoABC (Zimbabwe): Tsvangirai to Botswana to recover from injuries & wife's death. How incredible is it that a USAID truck caused the crash?

An article in the U.K. Telegraph wrote further about the USAID truck link.

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