March 18, 2009

North Korea blocks U.S. food aid

Per BBC: The U.S. state department reported North Korea has refused to accept any further food aid supplies.

Five aid groups are being forced to leave the North in the next two weeks, the U.S. state department and aid groups said.

The UN World Food Program estimates that nearly nine million North Koreans are in need of food aid and supplies provided by these humanitarian groups, reported by BBC World News.

Graph courtesy of BBC World News

Twitter users express concern and question North Korea's actions:

@ctreit:(New York, NY) North Koreans leaders want their people to starve rather than accept food from the US. So crazy.

Retroplex_74:(Colorado) : North Korea refusing US food aid. Bad news for an already starving populace, though most was diverted to the military to begin with.

lamanyana:(Portland, OR) What's w/ countries kicking out aid groups?

MichelleABrock: (Undisclosed) North Korea kicking out food aid groups while facing a famine...are they NUTS?

agbullet:(Undisclosed) Remind me again why the world is supplying aid to N Korea?

GoGod:(England) Pray for North Korea where maybe 9 million ppl have too little food and aid agencies are being ejected. Pls RT.

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