March 1, 2009

Afghan president seeks to move up elections

Per A Pakistan News, Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai orders elections to be held by April, overturning the Independent Election Commission's decision for August 20 elections; that date set as a response to security and logistics issues.

Twitterer @nhangen, currently in Kabul, shared his opinions with Breaking Tweets.

@nhangen (Kabul, Afghanistan): I think it makes sense to do it before his term is up, but I don't think the country is ready AT ALL for it. Need a 2nd Candidate.

@nhangen (Kabul, Afghanistan): Karzai is the George Bush of Afghanistan. Not enough security and lack of campaigns, which assures Karzai's re-election.

Al Jazeera reporter @ragehomaar posted an update of the news on his Twitter page.

@ragehomaar (U.K./Pakistan): President Karzai calls Afghan election for April instead of August as previously planned

A Twitterer in Eastern Europe particularly enjoyed someone's comment about the news in the Swampland blog at Time Magazine.

@Yamamayoo (Riga, Latvia): love comment on previous article "Hey Karzai speaks English, which is the most important puppet qualification."

Some Americans also tweeted about the developments.

@Robert_Banghart (Federal Way, Wash.): Karzai's push for early Afghan vote likely to undermine the vote's credibility?

@anthonyrichter (New York): following the tit-for-tat between Karzai and the US government - Karzai is playing a game of chicken with Obama

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