March 24, 2009

Japan outlasts Korea to win World Baseball Classic

Per, Ichiro Suzuki hit a two-run single in the top of the 10th inning to lift Japan over its rivals 5-3 in the World Baseball Classic finals. This came after Korea forced extra innings with a run in the bottom of the 9th with two outs.

Hundreds of twitterers followed along during the game. It only took seconds for reaction to spill in once the score went final.

The first to tweet the result was @mikeplugh.

@mikeplugh (Akita City, Japan ): Wow! Japan does it AGAIN!! Congrats! #kingsofbaseball #wbc #champions #yakyu

Here's some tweets from Japanese supporters:

@pjaficionado (Okinawa, Japan): Japan just took the WBC....やった!!!

@toshisato (Nanpeidaicho, Japan): Congratulations to Samurai Japan!! it was the most exciting baseball game I've ever seen! #WBC

@miyagawa (San Francisco, Calif.): YEAHHHH!!!!!!!! Japan wins!! #wbc

And tweets from fans of the losing team:

@jinoopan (Bundang, South Korea): Korea lost the WBC, but what a good game.

@jchung (Boston, Mass.): such a depressing way to lose, still buying that korea wbc fitted. sam im not coming to atx if ppl talk [expletive].

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