March 3, 2009

Clinton visits Middle East to talk peace

Per BBC, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Israel to begin the Obama administration's peace efforts. Clinton first attended a conference in Egypt where U.S. and world donors pledged almost $4.5 billion to rebuild Gaza. The U.N. has identified at least 1,008 buildings destroyed or damaged in Israel's recent incursion there (BBC map).

Clinton will meet with Israel's newly-chosen Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and majority leader Tzipi Livni. As previously reported by Breaking Tweets, Netanyahu is charged with forming a new coalition government which Livni's Kadima party has as yet refused to join.

Clinton has said the new U.S. administration is committed to the creation of a Palestinian state, though Netanyahu has refused to commit to the idea.

A few Twitter users cited anger directed at Clinton when her office reportedly said Israel is not doing enough to improve the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

@crazycatkid (New York): @jaredremington What else is new? Hillary selling out Israel/Americn Jews? Remember her kiss w/Mrs Arafat?

@jaredremington (NY/CT): Hillary selling out Israel / American Jews? #tcot

Some conservatives in the Twitterersphere questioned why the U.S. plans to give aid to Palestinians at all.

@desertrat0073: Why is H. Clinton promising $900M to Gaza through the Palestinian Authority when terror group Hamas will benefit? THEY ARE ISRAEL'S ENEMY!

@Rightwoman: #Israel Debka reporting US $ pledged aid will be "strengthening Hamas and paying Iran for arming the Palestinian Islamist terrorists."#TCOT

Others commented on the U.S. administration's plans to actively pursue peace.

@TheySayNothing: Tiny steps - Clinton says Israel should show Palestinians the benefits to negotiating.

@shayalerner: Clinton asks Israel to help create "viable" Palestinian state - (expand)

A Twitter feed tracking Clinton followed her into the Middle East with updates and photos.

@ClintonNews (Washington, D.C.): A Perspective From the Press Filing Center

@ClintonNews (Washington, D.C.): Secretary Clinton Arrives in Egypt

One Twitterer posted a link to a blog post containing text of Clinton's remarks at the Gaza aid conference.

@Jinjirrie: RT @EANewsFeed: New blog post: Text: Hillary Clinton Speech to #Gaza Donors Conference (expand)

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