February 18, 2009

Unlimited re-election wins out in Venezuela

Per the Times Online, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez celebrated after the National Electoral Council reported that over 54 percent of voters chose to support a constitutional amendment to eliminate limits on elected posts. The decision paves the way for Chavez, who has been in power since 1999, to remain as president well past 2012 when his term was to officially end.

This extension of power has caused mixed emotions in Venezuela as Chavez seeks to continue his Bolivarian revolution -- founded in leftist notions of economics, foreign policiy, and social programs into the next decade and beyond.

Here's what Venezuelans are feeling about Chavez's unlimited re-election bids:

@adldesigner (Caracas, Venezuela): Why does Venezuela's society cave into Chavez demands? Please, let us awaken from this nightmare. A better future is possible.

@jwolson (Colinas de Tamanaco, Miranda): Chavez calls Venezuela vote mandate for socialism. Friends say it's time to get out. http://post.ly/2MO

Here are some tweets from around the U.S.:

@swoodruff (New Jersey): Hugo Chavez will die eventually. That must actually be a government program. It'll never leave!

@plaidavenger (Aloof): There is no way Hugo Chavez will last as President of Venezuela for the next decade. Simply won't happen.

@wa6ube (Silicon Valley, Calif.): Ola Hugo! North America needs to hear more English language broadcasts via Radio Nacionale de Venezuala !! Add more programming !!

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